KN95 Masks for General Use

Designed for a comfortable, ergonomic fit with maximum breathability. One size fits all with elastic ear straps.

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KN95 masks provide the best protection for everyday civilian use. The KN95 mask is a type of Filtering Faceplate Respirator (FFR) that is highly effective at filtering out airborne particles (similar to an N95 mask). Ergonomic and comfortable, the mask features elastic ear loops, an adjustable nose bridge, and 4 layers of filtration. Our KN95 masks are sourced from an FDA-registered facility, and are CE-approved. They are not intended for clinical or medical use. Stocks and ships from the USA within 2-5 business days.

100% of profits donated to hospitals and first responders.

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CDC-Recommended Mask Protection

Help Yourself & Others

100% of profits donated to hospitals and first responders


Soft, light, non-woven fabric layers provide maximum breathability


One size fits all, elastic ear straps and nose bridge adjust to the right fit


Can be disposed of or safely reused, while filtering out airborne particles

Why the KN95 mask from BZR Protect?

Unlike surgical or cloth masks, the KN95 is rigorously tested for its filtration ability. Learn more about KN95 masks here.

KN95 masks are not washable, but they can be safely reused as long as you take the proper precautions. Please check the FDA and CDC websites for the most updated precautions on sanitizing and re-using masks.


“These are the only masks I have been able to wear that don't cause my glasses to fog up. Provides a good seal. Ordering more for Mom.” 

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“This s*** is legit. The masks are awesome. Will definitely be ordering more of these.” 

Rocco F.
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“I just got my face mask and the delivery was fast !!!!!! Thanks !! I will definitely be shopping here !!!”

Bryan M.
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