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Without compromising on quality or durability, Biaggi is the first luggage brand to create four-wheeled luggage that folds for easy storage. Whether you live in a large home or a small apartment, nobody wants their luggage taking up valuable living space in their garages, closets or spare bedrooms.

You may recognize Biaggi from season 6 of Shark Tank, where Biaggi owner, Stephen Hersh got past the Sharks with two incredible offers. Check out some of our most innovative products here.

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Zipsak Boost!

Our expandable under-seat carry-on is an extremely versatile bag that starts off as a small easy-to-store pouch, and opens to become a 4-wheeled carry-on that slides comfortably under the airplane seat in front of you. Need more space? No problem! Your under-seater expands a full 5" upwards, to become a full sized TSA approved carry-on!


The ideal garment bag for the business traveler with an innovative "Biaggi-style" twist. Once you pack your hanging clothes, simply zip-up the side panels and presto! It's a carry-on duffel bag large enough to fit all of your belongings for a short business trip or a weekend away.

Lift Off!

Our convertible carry-on to check-in Lift Off bag, starts as a full sized wide-body carry-on, and expands upwards to become a roomy check-in bag. Simply unzip the top, pop up the fabric and you're ready for lift off!


Zipcubes add structure to the soft Biaggi Zipsak, and they distribute the weight of your belongings evenly throughout the bag. A complimentary draw string pouch is perfect for packing shoes, or for packing your laundry for the journey back home.


Love the flexibility of the bag. The bottom compartment is perfect for a laptop or shoes. Can’t wait to travel with it.

— Janna P.
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I love how it zips small for storage or can expand to a full size rolling bag. It feels very well made and I look forward to using this in Oct when I finally get to travel again!

— Suzanne D.
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Perfect for travel! Easily fits as a carry on, and can be converted to checked bag for great shopping on a trip. Well made, light weight and easy to roll.

— Janice B.
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